Caring for your Bedding

Wash sheets on a warm setting
Line Dry whenever possible, and shake out sheets before placing in tumble dryer to minimize wrinkles.
At Lily & Mortimer we recommend using a natural detergent.
Look for one that is free from petrochemicals, allergens and radical inducing agents that are known to cause asthma and allergies

Caring for your baby wear

It is recommended to wash your baby garments before use, our rompers and body suits are made from the softest organic cotton designed to get softer with every wash.
We recommend washing your organic clothing in a non-bio powder to minimize chemical and residues on your little ones clothes.
Wash on a warm setting

Helpful Tips

Biological Powders with Whitening contain bluing agents that dye the fabric white therefore we recommend washing your bedding the natural way, wherever possible line drying. Natural bleaching agents are available. Wash bed linen and towel separately to avoid linting from your towels.