Why We Are Committed To Organic

This year has seen a huge grown in organic foods as we all take more care of what we are eating and our immune systems but does organic really matter when it comes to other areas in your home including your bed linen?

Absolutely!! and here are just some of the reasons we are commited to organic...


It's Chemical Free

When I started Lily & Mortimer it was at a time I had a couple of health scares that made me far more aware of the impact of chemicals and sun. Organic cotton is grown without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. Instead farmers use natural pest repellents such as marigolds! On the other hand conventional cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop. 


It Requires Less Water

There is no escaping that cotton is a thirsty crop and is grown in areas of the world that are water poor. It is therefore essential we find sustainable ways to grow and reuse fabrics. Much of the organic cotton grown is rain fed or lightly irrigated v's conventional cotton. Indeed some studies suggest organic cotton requires 60% less water to grow the same weight. Soil is healthier because of their organic practices so yeilds improve.


It's Better For Our Farmers

Organic practices mean that our wonderful farmers are not dealing with harmful chemicals in their work. Pesticide poisoning is linked to thousands of life changing ailments and death every year so by choosing organic you are supporting their health and that of their families.


It's Better For the Environment

Growing organically support the natural biodiversity of the area, chemical used in the conventional cotton industry wash off into water supplies killing millions of fish, animals and birds. Organic practices prevent this.


It's Better For You And Your Family

We spend 30% of our life in direct contact with our bedlinen, at Lily&Mortimer we believe you sleep better when you have peace of mind that your bedding is made without harmful chemicals. 

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