Pillow Talk

If your pillow is two years old and has lost its spring when you fold it in half and hug it then it's probably time to invest in a new place to rest your head. Before you race to your Amazon account read on....

Here are some top tips to consider when choosing your new pillow


Tip #1  Know What's Inside -  Now you have begun to create your natural bedroom with your 100% organic Lily & Mortimer bedding it is time to consider what is inside you pillow. The great news is there are organic options for pillow fillers too, from organic cotton, alpaca wool fibres to buckwheat hull. If you have allergies look for filling that is hypoallergic, and remember the feel, and even smell of an organic cotton filler pillow will be very different to a memory foam pillow. There are some great specialist retailers where you can try before you buy. 



Tip #2  Size Does Matter - Typically people buy pillows dependent on the size of bed. Our Star Gazer Pillow Cases and Regale Pillow Cases come in standard size (50*75cm) and king size (50*90cm). While you may like to layer your bed when made up,  you may find a larger pillow too enveloping to sleep on, so always think sleep over design when making your selection. Many manufacturers also offer a range of thickness to their pillows, this is great as you can select depending on your sleep position.


Tip #3 Consider How You Sleep - As a side sleeper my sleep was transformed with my memory foam pillow. I had suffered from neck tension for years but now as soon as my head hits the pillow I can feel my neck and back relax. I even pack it when travelling! The contours of the pillow neatly fill the gap between my ear and shoulder. Back sleepers may benefit from a thinner pillow but one that can still give the neck some support. A second small pillow under the knees also relieves pressure on the lower back.  Since pregnancy my good friend has continued to use a pillow to her side that she hugs removing pressure on her knees.

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