How To Use Your Organic Muslin Swaddle Blankets

The Muslin Swaddle such a simple yet highly useful parent essential, here are five ways you will use yours again and again.....

#1 Swaddling Baby - A traditional method of wrapping baby used in many cultures for generations. Studies suggest that swaddling your baby can help them relax and sleep better as they can't startle themselves with the Mori reflex and the security of the swaddle mimics the feeling of being in the womb. If swaddling is for you, then it is important to use a natural, breathable cotton muslin like our Lily & Mortimer organic,muslin swaddle blankets. When you’re trying to think of what gift to buy new parents on the birth of their baby, consider a swaddle blanket. They’ll appreciate the everyday usefulness of this gorgeous gift.  Click Here to watch our swaddling video



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#2 Cover Up - Generously sized at 100cm by 100cm, our muslin swaddles are perfect for feeding on the move.They also make make the perfect gift for any newborn. Make a sling to assist you with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby. By positioning your baby correctly, you and your baby will relax for a better feed. For breastfeeding, they also provide for a discreet cover-up when feeding your baby in public.

#3 Feeding Cloth - To reduce your laundry load always keep one of your muslins close by at feeding time. They provide protection for you and baby from those unexpected feeding spills! They’re absorbent on top of being extremely useful throughout a baby’s day. Always keep a number of them on hand around baby’s nursery as well is your baby bag.  Click Here to shop our great value set of three muslins

#4 Playmat - For those impromptu playdates or picnics in the park, throw your muslin swaddle down and get down on the floor in comfort for lots of baby fun. Muslin is a soft, but durable fabric that is easy on baby’s knees and hands when they first to crawl and explore the world around them. They’re also completely organic and safe for your baby’s delicate skin. Your baby will love the soft and familiar feel of their own swaddling blanket underneath them and be perfectly happy and at home in any surroundings they happen to be in. 

# And the Bonus Round a Scarf - I remember walking in my favourite park looking adoringly at my little one, as they lay snug in their Bugaboo, thinking **** it's cold, wish I had that extra layer. Pack a couple in your bag so you've always got a clean one to throw on as a stylish scarf. I was spotted recently sporting the Lprint in Navy on a very cold flight and passengers asked me where I got such a warm, soft and stylish wrap! The fact is, every mother can think of a hundred ways these soft and organic swaddling blankets can be used throughout the day. Always keep a couple in your baby bag. Great one you as well as baby.


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