How To Choose The Best Bedding This Summer

Well Summer is here and with temperatures set to reach into the thirties we may all be dreaming of those balmy evening sat in the garden but it can mean lost sleep, sticky nights and tossing and turning in warm bedrooms.

We've thought about this when creating our luxury organic bedding collection and that is just one of the reasons we offer two types of woven cotton.

So you can relax and sleep well this summer. 


The best bedding for keeping cool this summer

When choosing bedding we always recommend to start with the fabric composition. Some bedding is made from mixed fabrics that include poly making them retain heat. Look for 100% cotton or linen fabrics and we would obviously always choose organic, fairtrade cotton. 


Choosing Cotton Bedding For Summer

You can read our blog - Is Thread Count Important? to discover why we don't focus on thread count alone. Thread count is not always a measure of quality, ensuring the cotton is long staple cotton is more important as this reduces snagging and pulls in your bed linen.

Fabric Weave

Our Stargazer range is made from our luxurious long staple organic cotton in a percale weave. A percale weave allows for more air to circulate through the fabric making it the perfect choice for summer bed linen


For a cool and crisp finish to your bedlinen our Stargazer and Dreamers range are the perfect choice. Our 100% organic, fairtrade cotton is woven into our 300TC fabric to give you a five star luxury finish to your bedroom.





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