Five Ways To Detox Your Home Create Your Sanctuary

This New Year put a spring in your step with these great tips for detoxing you home.

Step #1 Commit to Organic - There are so many great products on the market now for cleaning floors, walls, clothes, you! Reducing the chemicals in the home is better for you, preventing conditions such as asthma and eczema. Better for the environment as no harmful chemicals are released into the water system and better for your home; clothes, bedding, flooring will retain their natural colour and texture for longer. Click here for more info on laundry care.

Step #2 Invest in your Sleep Haven - At Lily & Mortimer we bring a touch of luxury to your home detox.We will always be committed to organic and Fairtrade, meaning you can now sleep soundly knowing no chemicals have been used to preshrink or preserve your bedding. We have sourced the highest quality organic cotton, ensuring natural softness and strength. Making the softest most luxurious sheets. Learn more about the benefits of organic cotton

Step #3 Cut the Clutter - Live a little lighter this year, make it the year you reuse or recycle. Your wardrobe, there are some great initiatives where you can donate work wear and clothing to people trying to get back into the workplace. The Kitchen, pack away all those seldom used utensils, take photos of your favourite recipes from all those cookbooks, then store them. Find the right fridge organising system that works for you, reducing waste and food bills!

Simply Elegant White Lily & Mortimer Bedroom Scheme



Step#4 Bring the outside in - Plants help to clean the air as well as bringing calming green tones into the house. Replace any artificial fresheners or room scents with an essential oil burner. Burning some lavendar oil before bed can help relax mind and body before you let the day melt away in your Lily & Mortimer bedding.

Step #5 Switch Off - Banning screens from the bedroom is an important step to a great night's sleep. Research suggests that just two hours of backlit screen time can suppress the sleep hormone melatonin by 22%. Implement a post 9pm ban on screens and pick up that book you have been meaning to read.


Step #6 Sleep Well Live Well - Having completed the first four steps you will have more time and energy for the things you love. Create a space for your painting, reading, knitting, yoga, boxing, whatever re-energises you.


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