Creating A Natural Nursery

There are so many reasons that a baby's sleep can be disturbed, but did you know that smells can be a important factor. Experts believe that our sense of smell is our most powerful and influential sense. That's just one reason we are committed to organic products in the home. It not only removes harmful chemicals from your bedroom, but any strong smells that may disturb you or your little one.

Remember they can identify their mother through their sense of smell so the environment they sleep in can either be stimulating, or relaxing and soothing for them.

There are so many decisions to make when you are considering your baby's nursery furniture so we thought we would share some of our favourite, natural and sustainable nursery products here.

We also love these brands as they were all started by female founders on a mission to bring you wonderful products, naturally.  


Creating Your Natural Nursery


1. Sustainable Paints Earthborn Paints - 

2. Natural, toxic free baby crib mattresses  - Naturalmat 
3. Natural Organic Bedding - Lily & Mortimer


Of course all our baby bedding is 100% organic cotton, you can choose from our woven sleep sheet range giving a crisp cool finish to your cot sheets, or our luxuriously soft jersey sheets. Our baby bedding comes in crib, cot and cot bed size. Fully elasticated to fit both oval and rectangular mattresses. Shown here is jersey cot sheet with navy Mortimer Elephant motif click here to see the full range. 



4. Natural Moses Baskets 

If you are looking for a baby crib uk then why not consider the wonderful . Beautiful hand woven Moses baskets made from elephant grass, dried under the sun and dyed with all natural non-toxic dyes. Each Moses basket is unique with it's individual pattern and charm and is lovingly hand woven by talented artisans in the region of Bolgatana in Ghana. Elephant grass grows abundantly in this area, so it is a wonderfully sustainable product. Goats are the main source of meat for the locals and they hold a strong belief in honouring the animals by using every part of them therefore the leather is used on the handles of these baskets to provide comfort and durability.



5. Natural Organic Teethers 

We all understand that there are many reasons a babys sleep many be disrupted, teething is just one of the phases they go through. Founded by the wonderful Jenna cloudandcuckoo's aim is to develop a range of innovative natural baby products to help take the teething problems out of parenting. 

"Our main aim is to produce a teether that is as safe and chemical free as possible. We have therefore gone to lengths to ensurethe rubber used is of the highest quality."


6. Sustainable Nappies and Wipes - Mama Bamboo

If you choose disposable nappies and wipes then there’s finally a range that provides exceptional quality and performance as well as being a great environmental choice. Traditional nappies and wipes are made from oil-based plastics (3 billion are thrown away every year in the UK), Mama Bamboo have replaced these plastics with sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is soft, naturally anti-bacterial, breathable and temperature regulating - making it kind to baby’s skin as well as the planet. There are no nasty chemicals in their products and their baby wipes are 100% compostable - they can even be popped into your food waste.
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