Lily & Mortimer - Sleep Well Live Well

Sleep Well Live Well Programme

Since moving to Asia I have enjoyed some incredible experiences and learned so much from living in such a different culture. I have also been exposed to the extremes that exist and the lengths that people will go to provide for their families and 'progress'. The communities I have visited and worked with here are inspiring, the way that people, with so little, pull together to ensure everyone has food,and shelter.

With this tenacity exhibited by these extraordinary people comes a desire not only to work hard but to self-improve. I've seen the value they place on learning and learnt so much about what real strength is. As a result I want my business to contribute to communities and projects, like the ones I have come to know here, where people are already doing so much to help themselves but can really benefit from some support to build a better life.

This is the foundation of our Sleep Well, Live Well Programme; our mission is to promote a world where everyone can sleep soundly.

We don't want to wait to take action so will start with the gift of time, volunteering and getting involved in the projects we support is an important part of who we are. As we grow we are committed to 10% of our profits supporting community led programmes that support the most vunerable. Through our L&M trailblazers will will identify local projects that fit with our mission.