Lily & Mortimer is changing the way people sleep.

Jayne HarveyI'm Jayne Harvey and Lily & Mortimer is my baby, a business and name inspired by my two other babies, my amazing children Ava Lily and William Mortimer.

After more than two decades of working for a global leader in the beverage market, and a career journey that brought us from the UK to the other side of the world (we are currently enjoying our fifth incredible year in Thailand). I reached a point where other people's vision of success for me was different to my own. I had become exhausted by the struggle of trying to balance career development and family life and knew something had to change.

First I took some much need time to replenish. I realised that the daily pressures of corporate life had led me to be part of the sleep crisis that is so widely reported, depleting rather than nourishing myself like so many people working at this pace today. It is also a huge transition, stepping out of a big business and building something from scratch.

This period of reflection and renewal enabled me to see that my drive and passion for building brands were stronger than ever and I wanted to use my unique collection of experiences to launch a business selling products that promote positive living, working in a way that reflects my personal values and beliefs.

This was the start point for our Sleep Well, Live Well philosophy.


Sleep Well Live Well Programme

Since moving to Asia I have enjoyed some incredible experiences and learned so much from living in such a different culture. I have also been exposed to the extremes that exist and the lengths that people will go to provide for their families and 'progress'. The communities I have visited and worked with here are inspiring, the way that people, with so little, pull together to ensure everyone has food,and shelter.

With this tenacity exhibited by these extraordinary people comes a desire not only to work hard but to self-improve. I've seen the value they place on learning and learnt so much about what real strength is. As a result I want my business to contribute to communities and projects, like the ones I have come to know here, where people are already doing so much to help themselves but can really benefit from some support to build a better life.

This is the foundation of our Sleep Well, Live Well Programme; our mission is to promote a world where everyone can sleep soundly.

We don't want to wait to take action so will start with the gift of time, volunteering and getting involved in the projects we support is an important part of who we are. As we grow we are committed to 10% of our profits supporting community led programmes that support the most vunerable. Through our L&M trailblazers will will identify local projects that fit with our mission.

Our Partners - Boll to Bed

Lily and Mortimer's commitment to Fairtrade comes from our belief that everyone should benefit from business; communities thrive and prosper when companies commit to paying farmers a fair price for their cotton. There are instances where cotton prices have fallen so low, the price farmers are paid is lower than the money they have invested in their crop. Our partners ensure farmers earn a living wage and put in place programmes that benefit the whole community.

Our cotton is sourced from Chetna Organic and Fairtrade Intervention programme, a flagship programme directed towards stabilizing the socio economic status of smallholder farmers and improving their entrepreneurial skills. Chetna Organic also invests in seed programmes designed to make the highest quality seeds accessible to organic cotton farmers.

We are building relationships with family run businesses that can supply Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. THe traceability of our cotton is essential to us, from the farmers that have growth the bolls of cotton, through processing to manufacturing.

I love visiting the factory and seeing how owner Rajat and his family invest in good working conditions for their employees. They also make a great lunch! 



We are proud that our entire bedding range in independently certified as Organic and Fairtrade and will continue to expand our range of these products.

The Fairtrade premium is an amount of money that Lily&Mortimer donate to Fairtrade UK that is democratically given to community projects. It is about meeting Fairtrade standards, decent working conditions, a voice in the workplace and equality for women.