Organic Fairtrade Bedding

Organic Bedding is not only better for the planet but better for you our wonderful cusotmers. Organic cotton is typically rain fed therefore uses much less water in the growth cycle. It also mean no harmful fertilisers and chemicals are used that impact the health of those farming the cotton and can remain on fibres that you come into direct contact with. We spend 30% of our time asleep (if we are lucky!) the natural softness of organic bedding will ensure you sleep well.

100% Organic, Fairtrade Certified

All our Lily & Mortimer organic bedding products are made from the highest quality, long staple organic cotton. Part of our vision was that we can trace our cotton all the way back to the farm so we can ensure that every step of the process from boll to bed is GOTs certified.

We spend upto 30% of our lives in direct contact with our bedding so why wouldn't we want to choose a more natural, organic bedding for our families. Removing chemicals from the home that can cause skin irritations and nothing beats the natural softness of organic cotton bedding.

Use code Sleep this weekend for 30% discount off all organic bedding.

Choose from any of organic bedding ranges online and we’ll ship your order to you the same day for any orders placed before 1pm.

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