Why We Chose Fairtrade - Fairtrade Fortnight 2022

Fairtrade Fortnight is a great way of celebrating brands that are leading the change by committing to Fairtrade. Our commitment to fairtrade comes from a belief that everyone involved in making our beautiful products should benefit from your purchase and we can all make small changes that make a big difference to so many people when we form a collective like Fairtrade.

We believe in empowering farmers through a total community approach to development, Chetna Organic and the Fairtrade Intervention are the perfect partners through which we source all our organic cotton. We are proud that our entire bedding range in independently certified as Organic and Fairtrade and will continue to expand our range of these products.

Chetna supports over 15,000 smallholder farmers to earn a living income, they are essentially self employed so securing a living income is critical to them being able to eat nutritionally throughout the year, get access to healthcare, drink safe water, send their children to school and for older people to retire with dignity. 

To shop our highest quality Fairtrade bedding range CLICK HERE The Fairtrade premium is an amount of money that Lily & Mortimer donate to Fairtrade UK that is democratically invested in community projects. It is about meeting Fairtrade standards, decent working conditions, fair pay, a voice in the workplace and equality for women. There's no better time to invest in a better night's sleep, to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight we are offering 25% off our entire collection use code: fair at checkout.

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