The Power of a Good Nights Sleep

Reasons To Invest In A Great Night's Sleep

 With one in four of us experiencing poor mental health at some point in our lifes' the  World Mental Health Awareness Week we thought we would share how getting into a great sleep pattern can help;

 #1 To Reduce Stress - A lack of sleep results in an increase in stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Ever remember your parents saying to you one hour before midnight is worth two after? Well in some respects it is, our cortisol levels are regulated around midnight so not getting to sleep before then can cause imbalances that lead to a range of symptoms. 


#2 WIth Creativity & Learning - Our brains are made of over 100 billion neurons, and while we sleep they create new 'synapses' or connections that help us remember what we have experienced during that day. Studies show that our second stage of sleep or REM sleep directly enhances our creative processing and problem solving ability. So never feel guilty about that nap!

 #3 Our Bodies Ability to Fight Back - Lack of sleep creates the same immune response as stress, getting a great night's sleep ensures the body has time to recover and supports a healthy levels of white blood cells, critical for fighting off infections and disease.

 #4 Improved Mental and Emotional Resilience - Sleep and mental health are closely connected, children experiencing a lack of sleep or disturbed sleep patterns are more to struggle with holding their attention, controlling their emotions and relationships with peers. In his book 'Why We Sleep'  Matthew Walker professor or neuroscience and neurology share that the relationships between sleep and mental health is a two way street and sleep deprivation can significantly impact mood and our ability to demonstrate self control.


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