Setting Up Your Nursery For Sleep

Preparing your nursery for the newest member of your family can be daunting, here are some top tips to ensure you will love the time you spend in this room and it can grow with your little ones changing needs.

#1 Black Out  - As the days become longer daylight can disrupt your child's natural sleep pattern or disturb light sleepers. Black out blinds are a great way to control the amount of daylight you want in the room through the day too, creating a cool space for you to play or read. A consistent bedtime becomes difficult as the summer nights lengthen so investing in some black outs will ensure you can have some time to enjoy the balmy summer evenings.

#2 Lighting - Low watt bulbs give a gentler light, positioning a couple of lights around the room gives you options for when you want to feed, play or read. Investing in a dimmer switch for your nursery can help signal to baby it is the start of bedtime routine.  Blue light acts as a stimulant so keep bulbs either orange or red for night lights.

#3 Furniture - Whether your style is 'Scandi', Traditional or Dark there is so much choice on the market. We love supporting some great small businesses at Lily & Mortimer. Our favourite nursing chairs are Baby Grey rockers, for cribs we are loving Tulip Furniture Leander convertible cribs

, made from sustain ably sourced wood and eco-friendly materials, it is the perfect complement to Mini L&M range.

#4 Temperature - Having a separate themostat in your nursery allows you to monitor the room temperature and maintain it between the optimal range of 16-20 degrees celcius.

#5 Bedding - Look for a full elasticated fitted sheet for your crib or cot. Organic cotton cot sheets are naturally soft and breathable. Choosing organic means no harmful chemicals are used to treat your little ones bedding. Reducing the risks of childhood eczma and asthma

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