How Colour Impacts Your Energy and Sleep

If like me you are considering a bedroom makeover then discover how your choice of colour impacts energy and sleep. At Lily & Mortimer we love seeing how different colours set off our Regale, Dreamers and Stargazer range.



Reds and Pinks

This room really took me by surprise, I didn't think I would ever consider red for my bedroom however, spending time here on this shoot definitley changed my mind. The red hues gave the room a calm energy to it, as the light changed it shifted from a strong rust orange to a deep pomegranate. 

Feng Shui principles suggest red to be a masculine colour, energising and romantic so can give a different mood to the bedroom. A great colour for feeling energised in the morning use dimmers in the evening to soften the tones. 

We love how striking the Dreamers in Silver Birch Grey looks against this statement wall.



Blues and Greens

Soft, natural tones of blue and green give a tranquil atmosphere to a room. It is said this can promote healing energies aiding arestful and restorative sleep. Have you ever noticed that hospital rooms are painted blue or green.

We have receptors in our retina called ganglion cells that are sensitive to the colour blue, it tells them they are in a calm environment sending messages to the brain that can lower heart rate and blood pressure.

The Regale range in either grey or classic navy creates a luxurious, classic finish to any bedroom scheme. The ultimate staycation bedding!



Earthy Tones

laid back luxe bedroom with orange throw

The most recommended colour scheme by Feng Shui practitioners, copper, creams, tans all work together to create a really cozy and welcoming bedroom scheme. Bringing plants into the bedroom also helps oxygenate the air, aiding a restful night's sleep. 

Our favourite design with this scheme is the Stargazer in white.

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