Four Ways To Keep Your Glow This Winter

As the temperatures drop and we reach for our thermostat our skin and sleep can suffer. Here are four simple tips for you to keep that summer glow, naturally.

 1. Create A Humidifer For Your Bedroom -  October 17th is known as the big switch-on day in the UK, as so many people turn on their central heating in the days leading upto the clocks going back. The average temperature on our thermostats is a tropical 24 degrees! At that temperature the amount of moisture in the air reduces significantly. Our skin responds by slowing cell renewal down, making our outer layer thicker and duller. Grab a decent sized bowl, fill will warm water and a splash of our No.8 Sleep Oil, place it next to our on top (if safe) the radiator. This will evaporate overnight filling the air with moisture and the heavenly scent of morninga and lavender.

 What is the optimal temperature for a bedroom? For adults between 15 degrees and 21 degrees, slightly warmer for babies/toddlers at 18 degrees to 21 degrees. This allows the body temperature to cool and helps to bring on sleep. 

 2. Layer, Layer, Layer - Our grandparents would reach for an extra jumper at this time of year, before the convenience of central heating. Wearing organic cotton layers in winter not only traps heat next to the body but allows your skin to breath. I love Thought Clothing or Beaumont Organics essentials and sleepwear. For children our new organic capsule range is perfect for layering. It has been designed to be soft enough to sleep in and stylish enough to wear to any party. Maxmising wears and fun!

You can take the same approach to your bed, using a flat top sheet not only creates that hotel luxe feel in your bedroom but gives you an added layer of warm. I have to say I also stretch out washing the duvet covers in winter when we have a top sheet on as drying large items like this is winter is so hard. 

 A throw over the bed also brings winter colours and texture     into your bedroom and gives your furbaby somewhere to hid!

 Does Thread Count Matter? - We look more for the quality of the yarn used to make the woven fabric then thread count. The higher the thread cound doesn't always mean better quality. Organic cotton has a natural strength and softness.

 3. Nightly Massage - The cold winds and dry air can play havoc with our skin so treat yourself to a relaxing facial massage to keep that summer glow. Take your gua sha and a few drops of No.8 Sleep Oil, watch our very own founder Jayne demonstrate how using the gua sha can help stimulate blood flow and collagen through a simple massage technique. You can watch here on our You Tube channel

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4. Maximise Natural Light  - As the clock goes back later this month in the UK we really feel the shorter days. Take your lunch outside if you can. Getting some exercise in natural daylight can help reduce stress and anxiety as well as give you that, all important, dose of vitamin D. It also helps the body's natural circadium rhythm, releasing melantonin later in the day when you are ready for bed!

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