Choosing Baby Bedding For Your Nursery

Choosing Baby Bedding - What To Consider


#1  Fit - Sheets should be securely fitted to the mattress, ideally fully elasicated and the correct size for your mattress to ensure agood fit. Review the sizing charts as sizes can vary as can depth of mattresses that can affect how sheets wrapped in swaddle on cot sheet with elephant print

 #2 Fabric - We are clearly committed to organic and there are a number of reasons why organic cotton makes the perfect fabric for cot bedding. Firstly it means no harmful chemicals have been used to grow the cotton or in it's processing therefore there aren't any traces of these on the fabric that comes into contact with your baby's skin. Organic cotton is highly breathable allowing air to circulate and babies to regulate their temperature more easily than other fabrics.

 #3 Season - Many cot sheets are made from jersey fabric, this is soft and warm to the touch so perfect for cooler nights. Our organic jersey cot bedding comes in white, soft grey and with our signature Lily Butterfly and Mortimer Elephant prints. So whether you are using a crib, cot or cot bed we have all sizes available for you. To see our jersey range click here

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Woven fabric gives a classic finishing touch to any nursery style and works all year round. Our organic percale weave sleep sheets are made from the same organic fairtrade cotton as our adult bedding. See these here

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