A Little Christmas Inspiration

#1 The art of furoshimi originated in Japan around 700BC.The cloth itself is known as 'present' or 'package' , the art was used to protect valuable items.  Put a Christmas twist on it, some old fabric or a Christmas table cloth are a great source of fabric for this creative way of wrapping presents without using any paper.

 The fabric can be reused as napkins or tea towels. You can  purchase Japanese from thejapaneseshop.co.uk that become part of the gift, making a gorgeous scarf once unwrapped.

You can get the kids involved in sorting old clothes and fabrics and teaching them the wrapping techniques is alot of fun, there are some great videos on YouTube for this.

In the UK alone over 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is used at Christmas time and 300,000 tonnes of card packaging. So not only will you create gorgeous gifts for under the tree this year but you will reduce the impact Christmas has on our environment.

When it comes to wrapping paper avoiding the styles with foil or glitter makes it easier to recycle. Another great crafty afternoon could be designing your own using recycled craft brown paper and some festive stamps.


 #2 Wrap Up! Grab and old sweatshirt and have fun making your own Christmas jumper. Customising an old jumper from the back

of your wardrobe let's you give you Christmas jumper a personal touch and reduce plastic pollution. Over 1/3 of young adults purchase a new Christmas jumper each year with about 65m of them already in our wardrobes. Most of them contain plastic so you can create your plastic free version yourself and have a unique style this christmas.

It's also a fun activity for children, making a pom pom nose for a rudolph jumper, using felt to create your characters can keep them busy for hours!


 #3 We've gone crackers, our finally little Christmas inspiration for holiday fun is to make you own Christmas crackers. Save your empty toilet rolls for the strengther inside, use up old wrapping paper to make paper hats and decorate the outside of the crackers. 

You can even write your own jokes! or create a fun family game inside. Another fun holiday activity for the kids this Christmas.


Happy Holidays xx

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