10 Ways You Can Re-Use Your Lily & Mortimer Bag

At Lily & Mortimer we wanted to design our products in a way we could eliminate single use packaging. Whilst we do use a biodegradable bag to protect your goregous bedding and nursery items during shipping we recycle these. All Lily and Mortimer products are then delivered to your door in a beautiful organic cotton bags, made from smaller pieces of fabric allowing us to minimise waste during production. I know that you are looking for simple ways of reducing plastic in your homes so here are 10 useful ways customers have given their bags a new life, after unwrapping their new purchase.


#1 Use them at supermarkets to weigh and store fruit and veg, fresh in our breathable cotton bags .   



#2 Re-organise your linen cupboards: store your linen and towels in our bags to keep your sets together.  See our blog on ‘How to create a space saving linen cupboard’ for more inspiration


#3 Our Lily & Mortimer bags are the perfect size for your baby changing needs – a bag from our Lily & Mortimer Hooded towels will fit a days worth of nappies, wipes and change of clothes


#4 Our bags make a more sightly laundry bag solution for your children’s bedroom


#5  Try filling your bag with dried rose petals or lavender and hang in the bedroom to help you drift off to sleep


#6 Compartmentalise your handbag: no better place to keep your favourite lippy and perfume together in your bag


#7 Take your empty bag with you to your local zero waste/ plastic free store and fill to the brim with nuts and dried fruit.  You can find your nearest one at www.thezerowaster.com/zero-waste-near-you. 


#8 Going on holiday? Sort your underwear and swimsuits into our bags and pack in your suitcase for easy unpacking and storage when you arrive


#9 Re-gift your bag to friends and family as an alternative to wrapping paper or a gift bag


#10 Protect your best pair of heels from scuffs and marks by storing them in our bags in your wardrobe

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