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The Power Of Moringa Oil For Body & Mind - Our No. 8 Sleep Oil

The Power Of Moringa Oil For Body & Mind - Our No. 8 Sleep Oil

Those of you that have bought our bedding or nursery essentials will already know about our obsession with sourcing the highest quality natural raw ingredients. This week we are launching our Sleep Well, Live Well oils with our first release of No. 8 Sleep Oil.

We have sourced an amazing cold pressed moringa oil from moringa trees grown organically here in Thailand. The moringa tree is known as the miracle tree due to the high level of amazing antioxidants in its leaves and seeds. Not only is our oil super pure but has been centrifuged to create smaller molecules, making it more absorbant.

Known as the miracle tree in India the moringa or drumstick tree has impressive health benefits. The nutrient content of the soil and humid conditions in Thailand mean we can grow some of the best quality moringa in the world.  Our oil is cold pressed to allow us to access the rich source of nutrients in the seeds including, vitamin c, vitamin b and various monosaturated fats, with high levels of oleic acid. Benefits include;

#1 Promotes Restful Sleep - The behenic acid in Moringa oil is known for its soothing properties relaxing the muscles and creating a sense of calm. Use your No. 8 Sleep oil for massage or apply on the chest and temples for this sedative effect.


#2 Moisturizes Dry Skin - Moringa has amazing emollient properties that can help the skin retain moisture. It is also purifying due to it's antibacterial properties helping to protect the skin against environmental damage and allergens. Protecting against premature aging and wrinkles.

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#3. Speeds Up Healing - Keeping a bottle of our No. 8 oil in your home first aid kit will give you a great remedy for scrapes, bruises. The oil can also help with fungal infections or acne scarring.


#4 Hair Care - put a couple of drops of our No. 8 Sleep oil into your shampoo for a healthy scalp and hair.